She Wants Her Fiancé’s Stepdad To Walk Her Down The Aisle, And Now She’s Getting A Lot Of Grief For Not Choosing Her Biological Father, Who Wasn’t Such A Great Dad

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Even though it’s traditional, not every bride chooses to have her biological father walk them down the aisle. 

Some choose to have their mom do it, a grandparent, a sibling, etc.

One woman wants her fiancé’s stepdad to walk her down the aisle, and now she’s getting a lot of grief for not choosing her biological father, who wasn’t such a great dad.

She’s getting married to her fiancé in May. They’ve been together for six years, and in that time, she’s become really close to his family, particularly his stepdad. 

Her fiancé’s stepdad married his mom when he was only three years old and has been his primary father figure since then. When her fiancé’s mom died while he was a teenager, his stepdad stepped up to the plate and raised him by himself, as if he were his biological son. 

“His stepdad let him stay at home until he was 26 and even trained him to be a mechanic like himself,” she explained.

“I have a lot of respect for his stepdad [for] raising a child that’s not his own and helping us both when we needed it.”

Her fiancé’s stepdad once co-signed on their first home together because they didn’t have jobs yet, and he still helps them when they need it. 

On the other hand, her dad is a very different man from her fiancé’s stepdad.

Nina/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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