She Wants To Expose Her Coworker’s Affair To Their Boss Because The Affair Is With A Business Client And, If It Goes South, Could Damage The Company

pridannikov - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old woman works at a medium-sized company.

David owns the company, and 10 years ago, he separated from his wife, Jenny, but they never divorced. David and Jenny have three children together.

After David and Jenny separated, Jenny got pregnant with another man, but they broke up when their child was 2 years old.

“David felt sorry for Jenny since she has no education or training, so he offered her a job after her breakup from baby daddy #2. Jenny is now one of our salespeople,” she said.

Recently, Jenny informed her and some other co-workers that during a business trip, she met a man named Brandon. When they heard this, they told Jenny that Brandon was a business client and he was currently married.

If Brandon and Jenny started a fling with one another, it could damage their business if there was drama and Brandon ended his business relationship with their company.

She and her co-workers know Kim, the woman that Brandon is married to. Brandon and Kim have a 4-year-old child together.

“During lunchtime on Friday, Jenny shared that Brandon told her he’s been separated for eight months (He lied! He and Kim just came back from vacation!), that his wife abandoned their child, and made numerous negative comments about his wife,” she explained.

Apparently, in November, Brandon plans to travel to the city where their company is located, which is about a four-hour flight so that he can hang out with Jenny.

pridannikov – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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