She Went Out With A Guy Who Spent Their Whole Date Ignoring Her And Trying To Get Closer To Her Coworker

Arkady Chubykin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

With all the Korean dramas that are out there, a wide variety of male leads have graced our screens—and our hearts and dreams.

Many K-dramas depict Korean men as if they are characters from a fairytale, dashing gentlemen who possess all the qualities of a perfect boyfriend—protective, loyal, sensitive, and kind.

However, what we see onscreen doesn’t always reflect real life. Unfortunately, not all men in Korea fall under the tropes in K-dramas. Some are just plain villains but without the redemption arc.

A content creator based in Korea who goes by the handle @k.explorer conducts street interviews with foreigners about their experiences living in Korea.

In one video, he asked a girl if she had been on any dates so far during her time there, and she went on to tell him about her worst dating experience, exposing the dark side of dating in Korea.

She referred to the date as “ridiculous.” So, she had been on a dating app, and there was this guy who texted her, asking her to meet up with him.

They met up at a bar, and she brought her coworker along. While there, he told her that he really wanted to get closer to her coworker.

Throughout the entire date, he proceeded to ignore her completely and hang out with her coworker instead. At one point, they decided to step outside for some fresh air. All of a sudden, he turned to his left, spotted a girl walking down the street, and approached her.

He ended up wandering off with that girl, and she found out that he had been texting the girl on another dating app while he was still on a date with her.

Arkady Chubykin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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