She Went Viral For Wearing Her Own Wedding Dress To Her Twin Sister’s Nuptials At Her Sister’s Request, Sparking Major Controversy Online

Photo 78843992 © Tatsiana Shypulia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

People tend to get pretty emotional when it comes to weddings, so they have many strong opinions about what weddings should or should not entail. As always, wearing white to a wedding remains controversial, while a bridal gown is considered strictly off-limits. However, one woman stirred up a heated debate after doing just that.

A woman on TikTok has gone viral for announcing that she wore her own wedding dress to her twin sister’s big day. In the video, which has amassed over 3.7 million views, Anastasia (@ana__stasiaaaa) showed off her white dress that had been altered to include a shorter, ruffled hem and a big, black bow.

“A dress so nice I wore it twice,” she wrote in the caption of the video. Her decision has received a lot of criticism even after she explained that her sister, Francesca, had specifically requested she wear the bridal gown. After a day of browsing dozens of dresses for Anastasia without finding one that she really loved, Francesca suggested that she wear her wedding dress for the occasion.

At first, Anastasia was hesitant, claiming that it might be weird, but Francesca insisted upon it, declaring that it would be “iconic.” So, they consulted with their mother and then brought Anastasia’s dress to a seamstress.

She asked the seamstress to fix the hem so it would no longer look like a floor-length wedding gown. They also added a chic black bow at the back of the dress that was detachable, making it possible for her to wear the dress again to a different event.

Anastasia went on to say that her sister’s wedding had a black and white theme, so she would not have been offended by someone wearing white to her event. “Fran is such a secure person. She was like, I don’t care. Anyone could have worn white to my wedding,” she said.

In the end, the sisters were delighted with the way their dresses turned out, and that’s the only thing that matters! Many TikTok users took to the comments section to silence the critics and express their support for the twins.

“As long as the bride is ok with it, it’s a beautiful dress and you look gorgeous,” commented one user.

“To all the haters in your comments…I also had my moh wear white, it’s not that revolutionary. You look gorg,” wrote another.

Photo 78843992 © Tatsiana Shypulia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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