She’s Refusing To Return A Cat Someone Gave Her, Since She’s Attached And Invested A Lot Of Time And Money Into The Feline

okrasiuk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

There have been many scenarios where someone takes their friend or relative’s pet after they move homes, have kids, enter a period of financial struggle, etc.

Oftentimes, in those circumstances, the person given the pet keeps them permanently. But sometimes, the original owner eventually wants them back.

One woman is refusing to return her sister’s friend’s cat, who she took in five months ago, and now she’s caught in some drama.

She’s 27 and lives with her girlfriend and her seven-year-old cat, Atlas. Five months ago, her younger sister’s friend needed to find a new home for her five-year-old female cat named Mina because she was moving to another state with her boyfriend and couldn’t have pets in her new home.

Mina was a very chill cat, so she offered to take her off her friend’s hands. 

“Mina was very anxious when I first got her, but she’s since come out of her shell and bonded with both me, Atlas, and my girlfriend,” she explained.

“She’s turned into a lap kitty and is gradually becoming more social.”

She and her girlfriend have taken great care of Mina and have put a lot of work into making her a member of their family. They’ve bought her all new supplies and food and taken her to the vet. They’ve also done a lot of research and put a lot of effort into making sure Mina and Atlas lived well together.

Now, Mina sleeps in bed with them and is really close to Atlas.

okrasiuk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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