She’s Sharing Her Encounter With A Black Cat That Could Supposedly Speak While On A Trip To Haiti, Where Dark Lore About Shape-Shifting Runs Rampant

Photo 17131478 © Jazavac - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

The Caribbean country of Haiti is steeped in the dark lore of voodoo magic. One supernatural power that practitioners of black magic possess is shape-shifting, which is the ability to transform into an animal. TikToker Ella Sky (@_ellasky) is discussing her encounter with a shape-shifter when a cat talked to her while she was visiting Haiti.

When Ella was 15-years-old, she took a trip to Haiti to visit her family. Before she left for Haiti, her mom had told her to avoid any animals she saw because they could actually be humans in disguise. She warned Ella not to talk to an animal or even make eye contact with one.

One day, while she was taking a shower, a black cat showed up out of nowhere. The shower was set up in a way where the person showering could see the view of the outside through one wall.  The cat had appeared in front of that wall, watching her take a shower.

Every time she would take a shower after that, the black cat would be there. She would get the chills and also have sleep paralysis after seeing the cat. Ella thought it was odd but never really paid attention to the cat or the symptoms she was having.

Then, one day, when no one was home, Ella decided to take a shower. The cat showed up yet again. Her skin started prickling with goosebumps. The cat looked at her, and she looked back at the cat. Suddenly, the cat called out to her, repeatedly saying the name “Lisa.”

Lisa just so happened to be Ella’s middle name. Ella screamed at the top of her lungs, but the cat didn’t budge. At that moment, Ella’s aunt returned home from the grocery store and heard all the commotion. In a fit of hysterics, Ella breathlessly explained that the cat had been talking to her.

When her aunt realized what was going on, she started yelling angrily at the cat, telling it to go away and never come back. The cat seemed to understand what her aunt was saying and left.

That was the last time Ella ever saw that cat, and her sleep paralysis went away upon the cat’s departure. Several TikTok users shared their own experiences with shape-shifting humans that take on animal forms.

“My mom told me that in Haiti a lady knocked on her door and asked for rice. My mom told her no and my mom saw her turn into a cat and jumped the fence,” commented one user.

Photo 17131478 © Jazavac – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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