She’s Upset That Her Husband Wants To Dress Up Like Ken And Barbie For Halloween With His Female Employee

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This woman’s husband is super close to one of his female employees, and he is her boss. This specific employee is, in turn, a boss for other employees at this company.

Her husband and his female employee travel a lot and also spend a ton of time with one another.

She has also hung out with the two of them, and she’s convinced her husband and his employee do not have any feelings for one another.

She’s not afraid that her husband and his female employee have anything romantic going on because she never sees that happening.

“However, their office is having a Halloween party, and she is asking him to be Ken, and she will be the matching Barbie,” she explained.

“She sent him a link to the costume. She included me in the group chat about coordinating their matching costumes.”

“I’m not invited to the party, it’s just at work during the workday. I think there is a costume competition she wants to win.”

She did say to her husband that she doesn’t like how it will look if he and his female employee decide to dress up like this for Halloween.

They travel and spend so much time together that she thinks dressing up like Ken and Barbie will give everyone in the office the wrong idea about them.

photoguns – – illustrative purposes only

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