Want To Say Goodbye To The Sunday Scaries? Here’s How You Can Prep Yourself To Have A “Bare Minimum Monday”

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For most employees, the first day of the week is not something that is looked forward to. After a weekend of fun and relaxation, which seemed to fly by, the thought of Monday feels pretty dreadful.

Society’s seemingly endless expectations and demands leave us burnt out, and the brief respite the weekend brings isn’t nearly enough time for us to stop and smell the roses.

So, by the time Sunday rolls around, people tend to experience a spike in anxiety about the week ahead. If you catch a case of the “Sunday scaries” every week, TikTok has a solution for you—Bare Minimum Mondays.

The trend began with TikToker Marisa Jo, who says that Bare Minimum Monday is all about doing the least amount of work on Mondays as possible. After accomplishing the bare minimum of tasks, you can focus on doing activities you enjoy for the rest of the day.

This will reduce the pressure and help you get through the work week in one piece without becoming too overwhelmed. Starting off the week by only doing what is absolutely necessary may seem like a good idea. But is it really the best way to cope with our workload?

In life, there will always be something that needs to be done, so slacking off completely just isn’t a feasible option. Here’s how you can have a Bare Minimum Monday while still being somewhat productive.

First, plan ahead on Fridays to take the load off for the upcoming week. Before diving into the weekend and turning on party mode, spend some time looking at what you can expect for next week.

What are some of the ways you can make life easier for yourself? If you know Wednesday will be a particularly busy day, have your dinner prepared beforehand so you won’t come home exhausted to an empty fridge.

Next, try prioritizing essential tasks to make Mondays more manageable. Determine which tasks are urgent, which ones are important, and which can be tackled later since they don’t have a certain deadline. Organizing a long to-do list in this way can relieve some of the stress, and you’ll be able to blow through the list more quickly.

Photo 194103117 © Nenitorx – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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