A Guy Convinced Her To Come To His Place For A Date By Lying About Having A Cat Before Asking Her To Go Get The Takeout He Ordered For Only Himself

“I look around and see no toys, no beds, no scratching posts, no litter box, no water bowl,” she explained.

“Now, it’s worth mentioning that I have a dog, and there is not a darn corner of my apartment that she has not left a toy or item in no matter how many times a day I pick up after her, so you can imagine that I’m immediately on high alert. Strike one.”

This guy then mentions that he hasn’t had a chance to grab their takeout, so he asks her if she can go pick it up since he cannot leave his cat home alone. This was totally strike two for her.

She was feeling really uneasy and upset, but she said yes to walking around the corner to go grab the food, as she figured it would give her an opportunity to clear her mind and figure out how to leave. So, she walks over to the restaurant, which is a very fancy steakhouse, and she makes a mental note of strike 3 since this guy clearly ignored the fact that she’s a vegetarian.

“When I get there, I look at the receipt and see that he has ordered himself a single steak and a single side salad. Strike…?” she said.

“At this point, I have absolutely no intention of going back to this guy’s apartment. I consider leaving the food and going home. I consider texting him and telling him off. I consider finding a way to troll him. But I don’t do any of that. Instead, I decide that something good should come of the evening, and so I take the food and give it to the sweet homeless man I see. I then went home with my bottle of wine, blocked him, and called my friends to tell them about the guy who expected to treat me like a free Uber Eats delivery person all while lying about having a sick cat.”

Do you have a dating story that can top that?

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