A New Survey Revealed That 50% Of Women Ages 35 And Up Feel They’re Now Stepping Into Their “Confidence Era,” Suggesting That On Average, Women Experience A Self-Confidence Surge After Turning 38

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According to a recent survey of 2,000 women aged 35 and up, nearly 50% feel that they’re just now stepping into their “confidence era.” The data indicates that women, on average, experience a surge in self-confidence after the age of 38.

This newfound confidence wasn’t an overnight transformation, though. About 29% of respondents said they were furthest from their authentic selves during their teen years, often conforming to societal expectations. An additional 21% found their college years– ages 19 to 23– the most challenging in terms of self-identity, implying that for some, it took two decades or more to fully embrace themselves.

A significant 64% of women surveyed say they feel more self-assured now than they did in their younger years. This boost in confidence is particularly noticeable among women living in the Northeast, with 75% feeling more confident, as well as on the West Coast, where the figure stands at 66% compared to how they felt before reaching the age of 35.

Looking ahead, nearly half of the women surveyed—46% to be exact—anticipate an even greater increase in authenticity over the next five years.

The survey, carried out by OnePoll for Zotos Professional’s AGEbeautiful, showed that 67% of women are proactively seeking methods to boost their confidence in specific aspects of their lives.

Women aim to bolster their confidence in various areas. About 54% hope to be more authentic in social interactions; meanwhile, 49% are focusing on physical appearance. Additionally, 45% of women are seeking to increase their confidence in their careers, and 41% would like to be more confident in their personal interests or hobbies.

According to the survey, many are also already taking steps to enhance their self-assurance by spending quality time with loved ones (49%), sharing laughter and jokes with friends and family (43%), or experimenting with a new hairdo (31%).

“I’ve witnessed the incredible transformation that occurs when women embrace their unique beauty and experiment with their hair,” detailed spokesperson Christopher Naselli.

“It’s not just about changing your look; it’s about unlocking a newfound confidence that radiates from within. When we explore and celebrate all aspects of ourselves, we become the truest and most beautiful versions of who we are.”

Nobilior – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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