After His Dishes Started Going Missing, He Found Out His Girlfriend Would Just Throw Them Away Instead Of Cleaning Them

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For nearly a year, this 25-year-old man and his girlfriend, 26, have been in a relationship. While they don’t live together, his girlfriend has been sleeping over at his place on a regular basis.

Because his girlfriend is with him most of the time, they eat meals at home together a lot. He likes to cook, and he does the majority of the cooking for the two of them, which he doesn’t mind.

A month ago, his girlfriend told him that she could start doing the dishes after he cooked for them, and he felt like this was a kind gesture. He didn’t think much of it after she offered to do the dishes.

“However, over the past week, I have noticed a few of my dishes going missing. I don’t know how else to describe it. They’re just completely gone, and my apartment is pretty small, so there’s literally nowhere else they could be,” he said.

When he first started picking up on this, he thought he was losing his mind, so he didn’t say anything about it to his girlfriend.

Then, once he saw that two of his four bowls were completely missing, he asked his girlfriend in a joking manner where his dishes were disappearing to.

“She ended up telling me that a lot of times when she leaves dishes to soak, or the food dries up, or it’s messier than she wants to clean, she’ll just throw the dishes away. Apparently, this is something she does at her place, and she just replaces the dishes after a while because it’s easier for her that way,” he explained.

He grew up in a family that financially struggled, and he doesn’t earn a lot of money on his own, so in his view, purchasing new dishes each month to replace the old ones his girlfriend throws away just so that he doesn’t run out of dishes is completely nonsensical.

There’s no excuse for his girlfriend not to be capable of washing the dishes correctly and efficiently because he has plenty of cleaning products.

Photo 281676175 © Prostockstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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