After Witnesses Saw This Montana Woman Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Highway In 1989, She Crashed, Climbed A Fence, Walked Away From The Scene, And Was Never Heard From Again

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Can you imagine having a loved one go missing, having hundreds of reported sightings of that person come in, yet they still haven’t returned home?

That is the reality for the family of Patricia Meeha, who have been able to confirm sightings of her since her disappearance in 1989 but haven’t seen her themselves since.

Patricia was 37-years-old and living in Bozeman, Montana. She worked several jobs before her disappearance, including one as a ranch hand, which she took on because of her love for animals.

Unfortunately, around this time, Patricia began to struggle with her mental health. She was experiencing symptoms of depression and allegedly made an appointment with a psychiatrist days before she vanished.

Then, on the evening of April 20th, 1989, one day before her appointment, Patricia was seen driving in her car on the wrong side of Highway 200. She eventually crashed head-on into another car, but thankfully, the other driver wasn’t harmed.

While waiting for the police, witnesses saw Patricia allegedly get out of her wrecked car and stare blankly at the wreck before calmly walking over to a fence and climbing it, then walking away from the scene. She appeared disoriented and was never seen again.

When police arrived, they tracked Patricia’s footprints for 3/4 of a mile before her tracks disappeared.

Since that day in April, there have been hundreds of sightings of Patricia or a woman matching Patricia’s experience in various locations like truck stops and diners. People have claimed to see her laughing or talking to herself, still seeming disoriented. Many of these sightings included stories of how she couldn’t clearly answer questions about who she was.

Despite all these sightings, police haven’t been able to locate Patricia. Some theorize that Patricia had been suffering from amnesia after the car crash and had been hitchhiking with truck drivers. Others believe she may have taken off in fear that she had seriously injured someone in the car accident and was avoiding going to jail.

edb3_16 – – illustrative purposes only

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