Apples And Cinnamon Are The Ultimate Fall Flavor Duo, And She’s Sharing How To Combine These Two Classic Ingredients To Create A Delicious Cinnamon Roll Apple Crumble

If desired, you could also replace the apple pie filling with cherry, peach, blueberry, or another favorite pie flavor of yours.

Serve this cinnamon roll apple cobbler warm with an overflowing scoop of vanilla ice cream, or enjoy it on its own for breakfast while basking in the fragrance of a pumpkin-scented candle!

Kyla’s video has accumulated nearly three and a half million views, with many TikTok users dropping some great ideas regarding the recipe in the comments section.

“I wonder if I could make this in a cast iron pot over the fire while camping. Imagine the smells,” contemplated one user.

“I would put a crumble topping on it and drizzle with caramel!” exclaimed another.

“Add pumpkin cake mix and cold butter on top and bake,” suggested a third.


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