Being Outdoors Plays An Important Role In Your Child’s Mental And Physical Health

A lack of sleep may cause heightened feelings of anxiety, depression, and irritation. Running, jumping, and climbing at a park could really be beneficial for a kid who’s getting poor sleep.

Engaging in outdoor activities is also an important part of your child’s brain development. Studies have shown that adolescents scored higher for cognitive development when exposed to a natural setting daily.

The outdoors contains a multitude of stimuli that don’t exist inside the house. These different sights, sounds, and smells can inspire exploration and creativity. Outdoor play is also less structured, allowing kids to interact with their surroundings whichever way they see fit. They can design their own activities and have new experiences.

Lastly, spending time outside can improve the relationship between you and your child. When everyone is glued to their screens, it can be difficult to make a connection or have a meaningful conversation. Heading outdoors lets everyone be present in the moment.

Even if you live in the city, there are still ways you can spend some time outside. Go to a park, a local zoo, a lake, a rooftop, or a neighborhood block.

Some activities to do as a family include taking a walk after dinner, having a picnic at the park, swimming in a community pool, and walking or biking to shops that are close by.

Overall, getting outside can improve not just your child’s overall well-being but the whole family’s, too!

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