Bugs Are Critical For Our Ecosystems, But Insect Populations Are Rapidly Declining, So Here’s How To Create A “Bug Hotel” In Your Garden And Cultivate A Safe Haven For These Crucial Critters

The holes should have a diameter of no more than a half inch. Seal off one side of each tube and bundle them together with string or wire. The open ends should all be facing the same direction.

Refrain from packing too many materials into your bug hotel, but be sure to offer plenty of cracks and crevices, as they will make most species happy.

Bug hotels are relatively low-maintenance, but it is crucial that you clean yours out and restock it once in a while. Without disturbing any of the residents, clean or replace any empty tubes to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading.

All that’s left to do is sit back and watch your garden thrive with the help of your insect friends!

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