Cottagecore Is All About Embracing The Simplicity And Nostalgia Of Rural Life: Here’s How To Curate This Cozy Aesthetic In Your Very Own Kitchen

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Cottagecore is a design trend that evokes nostalgia and embraces the simplicity of rural life. A room decorated in this style makes you feel as if you have escaped into the heart of the countryside.

The rustic aesthetic is inspired by nature and features elements such as florals, warm woods, handcrafted items, and a muted color palette. Here’s how you can curate the cottagecore kitchen of your dreams.

Incorporate Peaceful Colors

The first step is to choose a paint color for your walls. Incorporate light neutrals and pastels to set the tone for a cottage-style kitchen. Clean whites, creams, honeyed yellows, baby blues, dusty pinks, and sage green all provide a sense of peace and joy.

Cottagecore style usually includes lots of color, so if you decide to go for an all-neutral look in your kitchen, make sure to layer your shelves with plenty of trinkets and other pieces so that it still closely follows the aesthetic.

Embrace Patterns

Patterns are a staple in making your kitchen look like it’s part of a cottage in the country. They can be bold, using wallpaper or tiles for full coverage. Or they can be subtly embodied in curtains, wall art, kitchen towels, and tablecloths.

Some of the best patterns for a cottagecore kitchen include florals, plaids, and gingham. They contrast nicely with wood tones of cottagecore that often show up in the form of furniture and flooring.

Bring Nature Indoors

photosbysabkapl – – illustrative purposes only

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