Dynamic Duos Can Change Your Gardening Game: Here Are The Best Companion Plants To Help Your Hydrangeas Thrive

You’re super busy– we get it. So are begonias. Well, not really, but they are incredibly low-maintenance.

They thrive in partial shade, just like hydrangeas, and their colorful leaves and delicate flowers make them perfect companions.

They’re not too pushy when it comes to nutrients, either, leaving plenty of room for hydrangeas to grow.


No one likes pests, but especially not your hydrangeas. So, say hello to foxgloves.

These tall, bell-shaped bloomers are not only beautiful but also help keep unwanted bugs away.

On the flip side, foxgloves attract pollinators, which are good for the hydrangeas. Not to mention, their height offers a delightful contrast to the shorter, bushier hydrangea blooms.

Coral Bells

Coral bells are unassuming yet powerful. These plants love rich, well-drained soil—just like hydrangeas.

Their broad leaves and delicate bell-shaped flowers can add a touch of whimsy to any garden. Plus, they are great at sharing nutrients and keeping the soil aerated.

This makes them ideal partners for hydrangeas.

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