Gentle Parenting Might Get A Bad Rap, But She’s Showing The Positive Effects This Has On Her Own Children

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From authoritarian to permissive, there are multiple styles of parenting that are employed. One style that has become a trend in recent years is gentle parenting. Gentle parenting is an approach that focuses on empathy, understanding, and respect.

It’s peaceful and punishment-free, which differs greatly from the methods of previous generations of parents. Some believe that this parenting style is too relaxed and enabling. However, that is not the case. Gentle parenting still consists of discipline and the establishment of clear boundaries.

This mom is a shining example of a gentle parent. TikToker Laura (@lauralove5514) is a mom of two boys, and she’s sharing a compilation of several moments that depict the positive effects of using gentle parenting techniques.

“As requested, a compilation of me correcting behavior then the boys actively using what they learned months later,” she wrote in the text overlay of the video.

The video began with her youngest son, Jonah, knocking over a drink and spilling its contents all over the counter. Instead of reprimanding him for the accident, Laura grabbed the cup and showed him how easily it slid on the slippery marble counter. She explained that the cup would tip over if pushed.

Several weeks later, when Jonah was faced with the same drink in the same cup, he told his mom that he wouldn’t push the cup. After she asked why not, he responded that it would slide and make a mess.

In another instance, Jonah was on a swing when his older brother, Carter, pushed a scooter in Jonah’s path because he wanted a turn on the swing. Laura instructed Carter to use his words to communicate his feelings.

Months later, Jonah was on the swing again. But this time, Carter verbalized his feelings and asked if he could go on the swing. Jonah informed him that he could have his turn in five minutes.

The third example involved Jonah biting his mom’s leg. She immediately told him not to bite and that it hurt her. Then, she said if he needed something to chew, he should let her know.

pololia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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