He Agreed To Pick Up His Daughter And Her Friends From An Amusement Park, But When One Of The Girls Got Sick, He Refused To Take An Extra Earlier Trip To Pick Her Up, And Now The Girl’s Mom Is Furious With Him

His daughter and her friends reached out to Andy’s mother, who later called him to ask if he could drive to the park to pick up Andy.

“Andy’s mom had an appointment she couldn’t reschedule, so she couldn’t leave until 6 p.m. to pick her daughter up. She stressed that I had agreed to pick up the girls when they were ready to go, but I meant all at once,” he explained.

He told Andy’s mother that he wouldn’t be picking Andy up before everyone else.

Even though he was mostly available, he had a lot that he planned to get done before picking up his daughter and her friends.

Understandably, he didn’t want to waste time and gas driving back and forth on 3-hour roundtrips.

Plus, he thought it would be unfair to make the entire group leave earlier than they wanted, especially considering the fact that they had saved up their own money to buy tickets for the amusement park.

“On the ride home, my daughter and her two other friends told me that Andy ended up having diarrhea, which some other kids at her school saw, and she had not gone to school the day before, according to my daughter,” he shared.

When his daughter was back at school on Monday, his daughter told him that Andy was again absent.

Later, the mother of one of his daughter’s other friends called Andy’s mother to check in on how Andy was feeling.

This mother then passed on what she heard from Andy’s mother.

Apparently, Andy’s mother thought it was his fault that Andy went through this and dealt with so much embarrassment.

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