He And His Girlfriend Wanted A Week To Themselves With Their Newborn Before Having Anyone Over To Meet Their Baby, But His Mom Freaked Out On Him And Felt Entitled To Visit

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This man and his girlfriend are going to have a baby soon.

After discussing the idea, they settled on asking both of their families to wait a week after the birth before visiting them because they wanted to enjoy the first week of parenthood and rest. They planned to announce when they were ready to allow family and friends to come over.

While he wouldn’t have minded people coming over the following day after arriving home, since he’d seen all the mothers in his family do this, he understood how his girlfriend felt and stood the decision she wanted the two of them to make together.

His girlfriend’s mother is planning to be at the hospital for the delivery, and she told them that she could take care of their baby for them during their first night home so that they could sleep. They haven’t agreed to this yet and said that they’ll wait and see how they feel about the idea once their baby is born.

Later, he got together with his parents and informed them that he and his girlfriend wanted a week to themselves with their baby after the birth.

Unfortunately, his mother was not pleased to hear this.

She was stunned that they weren’t going to let her come over to see their newborn right after they returned home from the hospital.

He explained to his mother that their plan wasn’t set in stone because they didn’t know how the delivery would go. Since he wasn’t sure how exhausted his girlfriend would be after giving birth, he was predicting that neither of them would be up for visitors during their first week home with the baby.

At first, his mother was depressed by this news. But she quickly became enraged, questioning his masculinity and telling him that he was just doing what his girlfriend wanted.

BGStock72 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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