He Asked His Daughter Why She Hasn’t Married Her Boyfriend Yet, And She Admitted That It Was Because He Gave Her Daddy Issues

From then on, he did his best to be a great father to his daughter and give her the life she deserved despite him and his first wife no longer being together.

Once he had more financial stability after he found success in the business he started, he tried to give his daughter money, but she never accepted it.

During their marriage, he and his then-wife weren’t on the same page. While he would have wanted to take their daughter on exciting trips, they never ended up doing so.

But he didn’t want to resent his wife for maturing more quickly than he did. He felt like his wife wasn’t as interested in risk-taking as he was.

Eventually, he met his current wife, who had tons of interests in common with him, and he felt like they had similar views on relationships, dating, and what they were looking for.

His daughter is currently dating her boyfriend, 28, and he thinks her boyfriend is a wonderful person.

Two weeks ago, he was on the phone with his daughter, and he asked her why she and her boyfriend hadn’t gotten married yet.

“She sighed and said, ‘Well, he’s a great guy, but in my experience, you were great and in the same place in life with Mom until suddenly you hated having an older wife. Your marriage and other marriages seem to give the impression that a man two decades older with loads of baggage would treat me better instead of fearing a younger husband will flip the same switch you did at 32,'” he shared.

This offended him, and he had no idea why his daughter was analyzing his previous marriage to her mother. He doesn’t believe her analysis was a fair interpretation of his relationship with his ex-wife in the first place.

He came to the conclusion that he didn’t deserve to be spoken to this way, and he hung up on his daughter.

Since this phone call, they haven’t spoken.

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