He Asked His Wife For A Divorce When He Found Out She Had An Affair At A Park She Took Their Kids To, But Now He Feels Guilty

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Seven years ago, this 35-year-old man tied the knot with his 28-year-old wife. They then went on to have two sons together, who are now six and five.

He has been incredibly unhappy for years now, but he has remained with his wife for the sake of their children.

But, two years ago, his wife began staying out until well after midnight with her friends, so he would arrive home after a 12-hour shift at work and have to deal with their kids alone all night.

He finally learned the truth; that his wife had two different affairs. One of the affairs happened when his wife took their sons to a park to play with her affair partner’s daughter.

“She blamed me for the affair, saying I wasn’t treating her good enough and wasn’t emotionally supportive,” he explained.

“I thought we were headed to a divorce, but a week later, she did a 180 and wanted to work it out. I gave her another chance with the stipulation of marriage counseling. It wasn’t long into counseling that she started having problems with the therapist.”

“She claimed the therapist was biased against her and even went as far as saying the therapist had feelings for me. I found out she was still talking to the guy she had an affair with, and when confronted, she said, “She shouldn’t lose a friend out of this.”

He and his wife then quit going to therapy and slid right back into their miserable marriage. Six months after that, he found out his wife was talking to the second guy she had an affair with, and his wife didn’t see why that was wrong.

Despite his problems at home, he has been able to advance his career and recently celebrated two huge promotions.

gpointstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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