He Broke Up With His Girlfriend Because She Tried To Justify The Reasons Why His Friend Got Cheated On, And He Simply Doesn’t Like Cheaters Or Think There’s Any Excuse For It

georgerudy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A couple of years ago, this man’s friend Chase began a relationship with Melissa, who introduced him to his now ex-girlfriend, Jess.

Both Melissa and Jess were good people and had a lot of interests in common with him and Chase, so the four of them got together all the time.

Two months ago, Melissa was caught in the act of cheating on Chase, and they broke up because of it.

Once their relationship was over, he and Chase have been talking a lot about Melissa’s infidelity, and he’s been Chase’s shoulder to lean on throughout this painful breakup. Chase has been pouring his heart out and telling him everything that’s been on his mind.

“At home, I had been mentioning that Chase was pretty beat up about this and asking why Melissa even cheated in the first place. Jess gave a couple of lame reasons that Melissa had given and even agreed that they were valid. It was silly stuff like, ‘He spends too much time in the garage. He barely makes time for me. I felt like we were distancing,'” he said.

From what he’s seen, Chase always carved out plenty of time to devote to Melissa. In the past, he and Chase have both separately canceled the plans they’d made together so that they could instead spend quality time with their girlfriends.

He acknowledged that sometimes romantic feelings fade over time in relationships.

However, he despises it when people don’t tell the truth, and he doesn’t think any of Melissa’s excuses that she gave were enough to excuse her infidelity.

“Because Jess was defending Melissa’s cheating, I was getting kind of thrown off. In my eyes, there are almost no reasons to cheat. Breaking someone’s trust like that is borderline evil,” he explained.

georgerudy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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