He Decided To Take A Trip After Ending His Relationship With His Girlfriend And Vanished In 2004: The Lawsuits, False Claims, And Poor Response By Law Enforcement That Followed Pushed “Billy’s Law” To Pass Last Year

The chaos within Billy’s case involving the poor actions of law enforcement, lawsuits, and false claims resulted in President Joe Biden passing “Billy’s Law,” also known as the Help Find The Missing Act, in 2022, which has changed how law enforcement authority figures and databases handle missing persons cases.

Despite Billy’s case becoming so well-known and various posters and flyers of his face being spread throughout Connecticut, his family still hasn’t been able to find out where he is or what happened to him after almost 20 years.

At the time of Billy’s disappearance, he was six foot, weighed 200 pounds, and had light brown hair and blue eyes. He would have been 50-years-old today.

If you have any information regarding his case, you are urged to contact the New Haven Office Of The FBI at (203) 777-6311.

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