He Got Married To A 90-Year-Old Lady When He Was 18 And Homeless

Photo 166118963 © Olgarimaschevsckaya - - illustrative purposes only

Almost ten years later, TikToker Ceros (@cerosthegod) is opening up about why he married a 90-year-old woman at 18-years-old and what he did with her legacy.

When he was 18, he became homeless. His mother had kicked him out during the winter right after he had beaten a very debilitating disease.

After getting kicked out, he lived behind a bakery and made frequent visits to the hospital. During this time, he met a 90-year-old lady named Margaret, who presented him with an interesting proposition.

She told him that she wanted to spend the last few years of her life with someone young and handsome and thought that he would make a good companion.

He agreed and ended up getting married to her. She provided him with a place to live, and they did a lot of fun activities together, such as hiking, camping, and traveling. Eventually, she passed away, and he received all her possessions, including her house.

After her death, he went through a legal battle with her family. Her grandchildren despised him and were bitter that he had inherited all her assets. In the end, he won because he and Margaret had consummated their marriage.

He went on to clarify that Margaret did not take advantage of him. She was simply someone who had helped him out when he was in a tough spot.

Then, he explained that he sold Margaret’s house because it was too big for just him to live in, and he didn’t want to deal with cleaning it.

She also owned a bunch of animals, including lizards, a dog, and nine cats. He didn’t keep any of the animals and gave them all to the neighbors.

Photo 166118963 © Olgarimaschevsckaya – – illustrative purposes only

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