He Planned To Meet Up With A Friend And Go To Some Bars While His Girlfriend Was Away On A Work Trip, But She Doesn’t Want Him Going Out While She’s Out Of Town

Olga - - illustrative purposes only

This man currently lives with his girlfriend, and in a few weeks, she will be going away on a work trip for one weekend.

So, since he knew that he was going to be alone when his girlfriend was out of town, he decided to reach out to a friend whom he hadn’t seen in a while.

He asked if his guy friend wanted to go over to his apartment to hang out, order food, and play some video games.

“And then go out for a few drinks since we haven’t met up in a while,” he added.

His friend was on board with that, too, and confirmed the plan. But then, his girlfriend asked what he intended to do while she was away, and she wasn’t happy with his plan at all.

She was particularly upset after he admitted that he and his friend would be going out, likely visiting a few bars and possibly a club if they’re up to it.

At that point, his girlfriend claimed to have thought that he would just stay in.

“And she doesn’t really think I should be out drinking when she’s not here,” he recalled.

He tried to ask what the big deal was, but his girlfriend just kept reiterating that she didn’t think it was right.

Olga – – illustrative purposes only

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