He Recently Found Out That His Wife Sabotaged His Last Relationship To Be With Him By Creating A Fake Dating Profile Of His Ex-Girlfriend

However, there was an immediate connection when they started going out, and everything went smoothly throughout their entire relationship.

They moved somewhat quickly toward marriage and having children, but they were both always on the same page about what they wanted every step of the way. His wife is a great mother, and she is his soulmate.

“But recently, I found out that she had sabotaged my relationship with my ex all those years ago by following my private Instagram account with a fake account, seeing photos of me and my ex (then-girlfriend), stalking her account, and taking pictures from her private Instagram to upload to a dating app,” he explained.

He discovered this when his wife got a new iPhone for her birthday. She asked him to erase everything on her old phone so that they could sell it online.

When he was looking at her old phone, he went to her Instagram and saw that one of her numerous accounts was the same account that followed him leading up to the breakup with his ex.

This account was still following both him and his ex-girlfriend, so his wife must have forgotten to unfollow them.

“It was really weird, and I confronted her. She confessed to everything but kind of blew it off, like, ‘Oh, well, I had such a big crush on you. I did what I had to do. And it worked out, didn’t it?'” he shared.

He thought it was so strange how easily his wife was able to brush everything off as if it wasn’t a big deal.

In response, he told his wife that she was like a stranger to him now because this past behavior was so uncharacteristic of the woman he thought she was.

She was furious and asked him if he cared more about his previous five-month-long relationship than his marriage to her.

Then, she added that they were destined to be together. None of this made him feel any better, and he told his wife she was “crazy.”

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