He Refused To Pay A Nearly $300 Dinner Bill For His Aunt And Her Five Kids Because He Didn’t Even Personally Invite Them Out, And He Thought His Aunt Was Just Trying To Get A Free Meal

dikushin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you have a relative who not only invites themselves to almost all the plans you make but also tends to be a freeloader?

One man is really angry after his aunt and her five kids were included in what he hoped would be a small family dinner celebrating his little sister. Then, he became even angrier when she expected him to pay for everyone.

“I have an aunt on my dad’s side of the family,” he explained.

“She’s 50 and has five kids ranging from 20 all the way to 12. She’s always been known to be a freeloader and [has] taken advantage of situations and people.”

Unfortunately, despite his aunt’s history, his dad continues to feel obligated to invite her and her kids everywhere, even to outings where he hoped it would just be the two of them.

Recently, he wanted to treat his dad, two sisters, and grandpa to dinner to celebrate his little sister getting her driver’s permit. He invited them to Olive Garden and told them to clear their schedules that Friday night because he “didn’t want anyone to feel left out.”

When his dad heard that, he took it upon himself to reach out to his aunt and told her to bring her five kids and join them at dinner without telling him.

That evening, they showed up at Olive Garden at 4:30. When he asked for a table for five, his dad stopped him and corrected it to a table for 12 instead. He asked his dad why and then learned his aunt and five cousins would join them.

Thirty minutes after they were seated, his aunt and her kids showed up and immediately began ordering some of the most expensive items on the menu, leaving him in awe. When the bill came at the end of their meal, he asked their server to split it so that he could pay for his family and his aunt could pay for herself and her kids.

dikushin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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