He Refuses To Help His Stepsister If She Becomes Homeless, Since She Spent Years Tormenting Him During Childhood

Roman - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, people in your life do things that are so hurtful and damaging that it feels nearly impossible to forgive them. 

One man recently told his mom he no longer wants his stepsister to be a part of his life after years of her tormenting him during his childhood.

He’s 20-years-old, and when he was seven, years after his parents divorced and a few weeks after his biological father passed away, his mom married a man named John. John has a daughter named Brit, who is 18-years-old.

After his mom’s wedding, John got sole custody of Brit, and she started living with their family full-time when she was seven. Unfortunately, life with Brit growing up was horrible.

“She was messed up from a lot of stuff and took it out on others,” he said.

“She mocked and insulted my disabled grandma and took her prosthetic leg once and left it in the mud. She wrote all over the photo I had of my dad in my room, and she taunted me, [saying] that everyone was glad he was dead. She messed with my homework a lot. It got so bad, my teachers knew the deal and let me do it at the end of the school day and hand it [in] so it would be safe.”

Brit was an absolute terror over the years and would find ways to try and get him in trouble non-stop. Unfortunately, her behavior ended up causing tension between him and his mom since she always hoped he and Brit would work things out and bond.

Finally, when Brit was 15, she went to live with her mom out of state. Then, after some time apart, Brit apologized to his mom and John and reconnected with them. While he made it clear he wanted no more contact with her, that became harder to achieve because Brit moved in with his parents last month after finding out she was pregnant and having a fall-out with her mom.

Ever since Brit moved back in, his mom has been pushing him to try and reconcile their relationship, which he has no interest in doing. She told him that one day, Brit may fall on hard times and will need him to help her take care of her baby.

Roman – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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