He Tried To Discipline His Nephew After The Boy Spit In His Mom’s Eye At The Park, But His Sister Screamed At Him And Thought He Was Out Of Line

Olha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This 32-year-old man has a 36-year-old sister who has three kids. Ten months ago, she welcomed twins, and she already had a son– who is 5-years-old.

So, over the weekend, he and his mom decided to go with his sister and his older nephew to the park to hang out.

But, he claimed that his nephew has been having a rough time with other kids at daycare because, apparently, the other children just don’t want to play with him.

“I’ve been commiserating and feeling bad for my nephew,” he said, “But things came to a head this weekend.”

It all began when they were on the playground, and his nephew was playing in the jungle gym. Eventually, some time passed by, and it was nearly time to head home.

At that point, his sister was busy feeding her twins, and his nephew refused to listen to him or his mom. Instead, his nephew just kept demanding “mom,” his sister.

“There is nothing wrong with this,” he noted, “But when we told my nephew she was busy, he ended up screaming and getting mad.”

Again, he realizes that his nephew is only 5-years-old, so he understood the outburst and wasn’t going to hold the kid to the same standard as an adult.

Nonetheless, his nephew’s anger didn’t subside. Instead, his nephew just wound up spitting at his mom– his nephew’s grandmother– and actually hitting her in the eye.

Olha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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