He Wants A Divorce From His Wife For What She Just Admitted In A Therapy Session

She thought it would be a good idea for him to go to therapy with her, and even though he was skeptical, he didn’t think there was any harm in giving it a try, so he said that he’d go.

Their first two therapy sessions went smoothly, and he noticed that their therapist (who was a different therapist than the one his wife sees on her own) was accurate about how his wife doesn’t trust people.

Sadly, his wife didn’t have a stable or healthy family dynamic when she was a child.

A moment that really affected her was when her father sold their family dog, who she felt was her only friend at the time.

Also, she struggled with an eating disorder in her past and nearly hurt herself as a teenager.

In his opinion, his wife now seems much more emotionally healthy, and she’s a wonderful mother to their two children.

For homework, their therapist assigned them the Big 5 Personality Test.

It was extensive and had tons of questions, and during another session, he and his wife shared their results with their therapist.

“My trust of others was a 34, and hers was an 8, which is very low. He asked her to tell him what makes her distrust people. She said people were very two-faced and only do what benefitted them, and she felt like she has a disadvantage in life because of her morals,” he said.

He thinks it’s odd that his wife is so sweet to people despite not trusting others.

His wife is helpful when others need it, and one of her friends has said that she is trustworthy and can seek guidance from her because she cares about their happiness and keeps secrets when they request that she not tell anyone specific information.

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