He Wants A Divorce From His Wife For What She Just Admitted In A Therapy Session

Plus, his wife helps stray animals even when she’s not being paid to do so, and she’s devastated whenever an animal dies.

“She says she does it because she feels extreme guilt if she doesn’t help others, but she feels people don’t feel guilt hurting her, which is why she prefers animals to humans. Then the topic of our marriage and trust came up, and she was super tightlipped about it at first but then admitted she didn’t trust me all that much,” he explained.

According to this wife, she decided to marry him because he’d been upfront about wanting marriage for what he could get out of it.

She continued, saying that she hates people who pretend to be sweet and caring before turning around and stabbing others in the back. In her view, she’d rather be around people who are blunt about who they are because she values honesty.

He was stunned by this because even though he agreed with her assessment that he is the type of person who tells the truth, he also believes that he’s a sweet and giving person.

Yet, his wife didn’t seem to believe that he was.

However, she told him that it was okay with her because she preferred that he be honest about who he was as a person.

“She also admitted she took out the ‘in sickness and in health’ part of our nuptials because she felt like I would divorce her if she got cancer, but she was okay with that because it would kill her to expect it and then be disappointed, but she felt like she knew where she stood with me,” he shared.

After hearing all of this, he’s been going over it in his head and is deeply upset.

Later on, when they were home, he questioned her about why she married him in the first place if this was how she truly felt about him.

In response, she told him that he worked hard and was truthful, and she believed that the majority of people are mean yet pretend to be kind people in order to get what they want.

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