He Wants To Break Up With His Girlfriend Because While He Was Away With Her Family At Their Vacation Home, It Was Clear That His Girlfriend Couldn’t Stop Doting Over Her Childhood Crush

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This 17-year-old boy and his girlfriend have been dating since they were 14 years old.

Not long ago, he went on vacation with his girlfriend and her family to her family’s vacation home.

This was his first trip with his girlfriend.

During the drive, his girlfriend’s mother asked if she was looking forward to a particular boy, and she said it in a playful, joking manner.

“My girlfriend started getting embarrassed and told her to shut up, and everyone laughed,” he said.

His girlfriend’s father then explained to him that since she was 10-years-old, she’s had a huge crush on one of the employees of a restaurant that they enjoy going to on their stays at their vacation home.

Her childhood crush is currently in his early 20s and has been at this restaurant since he was about 16.

Since this restaurant is her family’s favorite, and they’ve been going there for years, oftentimes more than once a day when they’re on vacation, they’ve gotten to know him pretty well.

He brushed the story aside as “cute” and “funny,” but nothing more than that. However, his feelings quickly changed after they arrived at his girlfriend’s family’s vacation home.

eak8dda – – illustrative purposes only

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