He Wants To Call Off His Engagement Because His Fiancée Secretly Lent Her Brother His Car Worth $150,000, And Her Brother Got Into An Accident That Caused $20,000 Worth Of Damage

deagreez - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Just last week, while this man was out of town on a business trip, his fiancée allowed her brother to borrow his car. Apparently, her brother doesn’t have a car, and his fiancée couldn’t lend hers since she was using it to travel to work.

Anyway, once he got back from the business trip, he realized that his entire front bumper had been badly dented and, in his words, was “basically destroyed.”

That’s why he confronted his fiancée to ask what had happened, and she admitted that her brother had accidentally driven into a pillar.

Now, for some context, his car was a graduation gift from his father, so it holds a bunch of sentimental value.

“So I told my fiancée I expect her brother to foot the bill of around $20,000 to get the bodywork replaced after I got an estimate from the dealership,” he recalled.

Well, his fiancée claimed that her brother just couldn’t afford to do that since he had not been able to hold down a job since the COVID-19 pandemic. And if you couldn’t have already guessed, this made him even more furious.

He wound up leaving his apartment, getting a hotel room for himself, and sending his fiancée’s brother a text message.

“Saying I expect him to pay for the repairs, otherwise I’d get lawyers involved,” he revealed.

In addition to that, he is actually considering calling off his engagement or postponing his wedding because now, he just doesn’t feel like he can trust his fiancée anymore. After all, she basically loaned out his car– which is worth $150,000– to her brother, who he believes is “wildly irresponsible.”

deagreez – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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