He Wants To Kick His Sister-In-Law Out Of His House Because She’s Been Living There With Her Baby Daddy, And He Can’t Take Their Drama Anymore

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 24-year-old guy is currently married. But, his wife’s sister, her “baby daddy,” and their baby, who is now 2-months-old, have lived with him and his wife ever since the beginning of their pregnancy.

“And they have had nothing but problems since the beginning,” he revealed.

Apparently, the father of his sister-in-law’s baby is a “careless drunk” who would much rather spend nights out partying as opposed to getting both his and his baby’s citizenships squared away.

His sister-in-law and the guy are constantly fighting, too, so he’s been forced to act as a mediator on countless occasions.

As the months dragged on, he’s also been told multiple times that things would get better in their relationship. But, according to him, his sister-in-law’s relationship has only gone even more downhill.

“The baby daddy will just disappear for hours or days at times, running around drinking and being stupid,” he said.

Thankfully, though, his sister-in-law did end her relationship with the guy recently– which he was thrilled about.

She finally went back to work and began taking better care of herself and her baby, too.

Yet, just last night, his sister-in-law decided to get back together with the guy. And he couldn’t be more furious.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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