He Wants To Leave Everything He Owns To His Employee Instead Of His Family - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 77-year-old man says that he’s only getting older, and his health is not the best right now. He thinks he only has a couple of years left to live, and so he has been getting his will in order for when that time sadly comes.

He is the oldest child in his family, and he has five younger siblings; one sister and three brothers. His youngest sibling is 59, and his oldest sibling is 70.

He honestly doesn’t keep in touch with any of his siblings with regularity, as they have very different values.

Since he isn’t close to his siblings and has no family of his own, he’s been thinking about who to leave everything he owns to.

“I own a small cafe where I serve drinks (coffee, tea, non-alcoholic drinks, etc.) and small meals to go along with it,” he explained.

“Above the cafe is an apartment where I live. I own the entire building as well as the ground it is built on. Three years ago, I hired a part-timer (Lea, 16F at the time, now 19F) to help me out. I was doing everything alone before then.”

“Lea has been a great help and really enthusiastic about work. She has helped me a lot, even outside of her work. Our bond has become pretty great, and she often refers to me as her bonus-grandpa.”

Since the relationship he has with Lea is stronger than the relationship he has with his siblings, he has decided to leave the cafe, the apartment, and the land to her in his will.

He knows that Lea will take wonderful care of his cafe, and giving these assets to her will help her get a jumpstart in life, as she will have a place to live. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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