Her Boyfriend Constantly Chats Online With His Friends But Never Responds To Her, And It’s Making Her Feel Like She’s Not A Priority

Afterward, he also turned off a specific status setting on all of his social media accounts, taking away the ability to see when he is actively online.

“And when I asked why, he said it was personal preference,” she recalled.

Her boyfriend only recently turned his Messenger back on after a few months, and she took notice, too. Yet, despite being active on Messenger all day, he still barely responds to her texts.

The reason why his lack of responsiveness ticks her off so much is that they work extremely different hours right now. So, they really don’t get to chat that much during the week in person.

“And it’s disheartening to see him engaged in conversations with others while leaving my messages unanswered,” she admitted.

However, she’s not too sure if feeling annoyed by this is reasonable or an overreaction.

“I think I just want to be a priority or for him to actually want to speak to me,” she vented.

Have you ever been with a partner who didn’t really text you back? Does it seem like she has a right to be annoyed, or is she being overbearing? How can she better communicate her frustrations to reconcile this situation in their relationship?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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