Her Boyfriend Cut Up All Of Her Debit And Credit Cards After Accusing Her Of Overspending

Photo 41844945 - © Citalliance - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Seven years ago, this woman began dating her boyfriend, and back when they first got together, she admits she was a big spender.

She loved shopping and frequently purchased whatever caught her eye. Her spending habits have improved over the years, and right now, she can easily buy only what she needs instead of what she wants.

Not too long ago, she came into a large sum of money, and she used it to pay off her credit card debt, her student loans, and her car loan.

When she was finished paying all of that off, she still had $30,000 left over. So, she took the remaining balance and put it into savings before investing in a few stocks.

Her boyfriend then suggested that they open up a joint account so they could use that to pay their utilities and mortgage, and she said yes to this.

However, she never agreed to her boyfriend switching her paycheck to be deposited into their joint account instead of her personal one.

When she realized that he had done this, she told him she wanted to take out $500 to save, $200 to spend, and leave the remaining $900 to $1,000 in there to pay their bills.

For the month of November, it seemed to her that they were spending more than usual out of their joint account.

This made sense to her, though, as they had some extra expenses this month, such as paying for their dog to go to the groomer’s, paying for their house to be cleaned, and they also ate out more than normal.

Photo 41844945 – © Citalliance – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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