Her Boyfriend Has Been Lying About Paying Child Support, And When Confronted, He Said She Should Pay It

Her jaw absolutely dropped to the floor when her boyfriend’s ex said that, as she was under the impression her boyfriend was paying her child support.

“We then conversed about when the child support payments stopped and that I had no idea this was going on,” she explained.

“I had no idea he wasn’t paying child support. I even asked him how much his payments were when we first started dating, and he obviously lied to me. Of course, I confronted him about it, and he came clean, saying he was tired of struggling to pay his bills and watching her spend his hard-earned money on her hair and makeup.”

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I told him that’s not an acceptable excuse for not paying child support. He blew up on me, saying, “Don’t you think I’m embarrassed enough already?” And “I can’t afford to live if I pay her,” I told him that maybe we should look into different jobs because if you can’t pay the minimum child support for your kids, how do you think you will be able to support me, and our future kids when I’m on [maternity] leave?”

Her boyfriend snapped back that she could pay his ex what he owed for child support and stormed off.

She feels incredibly sad and disappointed that her boyfriend not only lied to her about this but also complained about how his ex-wife asked for 50% of what it costs for his kids to participate in sports and school activities.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend wasn’t giving his ex-wife a single dime. After this conversation happened, her boyfriend has been trying to step up and be a better dad.

He’s even planning activities and getting up off the couch for a change, even though he doesn’t include her or tell her about the plans until after the fact.

This is a good change, but she believes her boyfriend is only “trying to justify his shortcomings.”

“I feel like I’m dating the ultimate deadbeat dad, the future father of my children,” she said.

“So now I either pay his child support and understand he will never be able to financially support me and our future kids.”

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