Her Doctor Told Her That She Just Needed To Lose Weight When She Brought Up Her Health Issues, And Finally, She Was Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea

Photo 194848533 © Fizkes - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Going to see a doctor or any other medical professional can be anxiety-provoking for many people, so it’s important that they feel safe, comfortable, and like they’re being listened to. Most professionals do their best, but some patients have reported feeling disrespected and unheard, in which case they may have experienced medical gaslighting.

Medical gaslighting is a phenomenon in which a doctor or other medical professional dismisses or downplays a patient’s physical symptoms.

Unfortunately, medical gaslighting is very common among female patients. Over 70 percent of women say that they’ve experienced medical gaslighting.

TikToker Sam Hart (@thesam_show) is opening up about how her doctor put all her health issues down to weight.

Over two years ago, she went to a doctor and informed him that something seemed to be wrong because she was feeling tired all the time.

She tried to tell him that it wasn’t just regular sleepiness. She had been experiencing excessive fatigue that required her to lie down immediately; otherwise, she would pass out wherever she was standing.

In response, he told her that she just needed to lose some weight to solve the problem. At the same doctor’s appointment, she also mentioned how her foot would go numb when she ran. He asked her if she had tried thinking about it less.

Then, she requested to get some fertility tests done because her mother had gone through early menopause, and she wanted to know where her own fertility levels were.

However, the doctor brushed off her concerns yet again and asked if she had considered just calming down because she seemed like a very anxious person. After she left the appointment, she sat in her car and cried for a while.

Photo 194848533 © Fizkes – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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