Her Ex Stopped Her From Getting Into His Friend’s Car Because He Knew His Friend Might Try To Harm Her

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As an adult, making and retaining meaningful friendships is hard, especially for men, it seems. Perhaps that’s why men often stay friends with people even if they have shown questionable moral character.

TikToker Haily (@_alrighty__aphrodite_) is discussing how her ex-boyfriend stopped her from getting into his friend’s car because he knew his friend might try to harm her.

“One thing that really confuses me about male friendships is how sometimes they will be friends with other guys they would never let their sisters, girlfriends, whatever, alone in a room with. Let me set the scene for you,” Haily started out the video.

When she was in college, she dated a guy who worked at a bar. At some point, they broke up. However, they still were in this weird relationship where they weren’t officially together but acted like a couple.

One day, she went to meet him at the bar. He made her some drinks while she hung out with the other people there. At the end of the night, she realized she had more to drink than she had meant to, so she wasn’t able to drive home.

The guy she had been hanging out with all night was sober, and he offered to give her a ride back. He was one of her ex-boyfriend’s friends.

She agreed since her ex-boyfriend was busy closing up the bar, and she was ready to go home and sleep. So, she said her goodbyes to everyone and headed outside. The guy already had the car door open for her when her ex came rushing out.

He pulled Haily aside and whispered that she should not get in this guy’s car. Then, he told his friend that he would take her home instead, but his friend protested. They had a little spat, and then Haily and her ex went back inside.

She asked him what all that was about and said she had thought that guy was his friend. He told her that the guy was his friend but that she should never get into a car alone with him because he knew he had other intentions.

Photo 78898232 © Artofphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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