Her Ex Stopped Her From Getting Into His Friend’s Car Because He Knew His Friend Might Try To Harm Her

In the video, Haily added that her ex was not a jealous person. They had an agreement with each other that they could hit on other people while they were still in a relationship.

But she found it extremely odd that her ex would be friends with someone who would take advantage of a drunk girl. And they were friends for years. They hung out at the bar together, and she would often see her ex post pictures with that guy on social media.

Several TikTok users pointed out that the company someone chooses to keep actually speaks volumes about their own character.

“Why on earth would someone be friends with someone like that? Very telling about the person IMO,” commented one user.

“Their friends are who they are when you’re not around,” declared another.

“Girl, it’s because they are the same. The difference is it was too personal for your ex-BF. If it was a stranger, he wouldn’t care too much,” chimed in a third.


Like then why is he your friend??

? Summer party (20 seconds) – TimTaj

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