Her Friend Asked Her To Be A Bridesmaid And Told Her To Wear White, But It Was All A Mean Plan To Make Her Look Like She Was In Love With The Groom

Instead, Bella chose to have one of her cousins as her Maid of Honor, whom she didn’t even get along with.

Understandably, she was upset to hear this. She was Bella’s closest friend, and she was the friend Bella had known the longest.

Plus, she was the one who introduced Bella to Barrett in the first place, and she is still friends with him to this day.

During their conversation, she expressed to Bella that she could take days off of work and purchase plane tickets so that she could attend events, and she would do whatever she could to be a part of her wedding party.

She tried to persuade Bella that it wouldn’t really be as complicated as she thought it would be, but Bella wasn’t convinced and doubled down on her decision not to include her in the wedding.

After this, Bella changed the subject and asked her if she would be bringing a plus-one to the wedding.

“I was a little confused by this question because I just had a bad breakup, and she knew all about what went down. I told her that since I wasn’t seeing anybody currently, I’d probably be attending solo. She told me that she would keep my plus-one open until the last possible minute and encouraged me to find a date so I wouldn’t be lonely,” she explained.

She appreciated this but told Bella that because her own family would be attending the wedding, as well as a lot of mutual friends from her college and the hometown they both grew up in, she wouldn’t feel lonely.

After this talk with Bella, the two of them didn’t communicate much over the course of the next few months.

Even though she could have taken the initiative and contacted Bella more often, she was still upset that Bella chose not to include her in her wedding.

Later, she saw on social media that Bella had an engagement party that she’d never been made aware of or been invited to, but she didn’t confront Bella about it. She acknowledged that over time, sometimes friends grow distant.

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