Her Guy Friend’s Casually Seeing A Woman Who Believed They Were “Basically” In A Relationship, So She Decided To Correct The Woman And Say That She “Maybe” Ranks As The Second Best Woman Her Friend Is Seeing Right Now

She considers Joey a good friend, and when he isn’t gone, they hang out all the time.

Joey has an account on basically every dating app out there, and he makes sure to be open with the women he goes out with that he’s not looking for a serious relationship.

“The issue is that he will occasionally have women he sees regularly, and they sometimes will get the impression things are progressing, and I usually start becoming someone they don’t like being around so much and start to ask why I live there. He is currently seeing four different women periodically, two of them quite regularly,” he said.

Even though all four of the women know that Joey doesn’t want to be exclusive, he’s not open with them about whether he’s seeing else, when he dates other women, or how many other women he’s seeing.

Instead of being clear and honest, he dodges the subject entirely.

Not long ago, one of these women, Kelly, 36, came over while Joey was working with a client in the barn on the property.

She welcomed Kelly into the house, got a drink for her, and asked if she wanted to watch TV with her while she waited for Joey to get done working.

“When we were talking, she started asking about my relationships and if I planned to ‘move out of Joey’s house.’ I’m assuming she worded it that way because Joey is the head trainer at the farm, so he is kind of the ‘star of the show.’ I’m the manager, so it’s a much less glamorous position (but I do make more than him),” she explained.

She explained to Kelly that the house was both hers and Joey’s, not only his house, and she wasn’t going to be moving out anytime soon.

Kelly expressed that she felt like it was strange for Joey, “at his age,” to be comfortable living with a woman while he was dating someone.

“I said, ‘He’s in a relationship?’ Her response was that it wasn’t official, but they pretty much were. I told her that was news to me. That seemed to offend her, and she said, ‘Well, maybe you don’t know because you aren’t the most important woman in his life. He doesn’t have to get your permission!’ I said, ‘You are right, he doesn’t. I actually don’t care. I’m just surprised because if I had to rank the chicks he is currently seeing, you are MAYBE #2,'” she shared.

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