Her Husband Always Expects Her To Wear Her Wedding Ring, But He’s Lost His Wedding Band Twice In Three Years And Doesn’t Think He Has To Wear One Because He’s A Man

halcon1 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband, who is a salesperson, have been married for three years. Yet, he has already gone through two wedding bands– losing both of them.

So, she talked to her husband about getting a new wedding band, asking him if he wanted her to purchase one for him multiple times in the past. Every time, he also seemed on board and agreed with the idea.

“But when I brought it up this morning, he got really defensive,” she recalled.

Apparently, her husband tried to claim that men can still cheat even if they were a wedding band. However, she pointed out how she wasn’t concerned about other men– she was only thinking about her own husband.

Afterward, he told her that none of the men in his family even wear wedding bands. But according to her, she has seen otherwise, and they do, in fact, wear them.

Her husband seems to expect a double standard, too, since he always wants her to wear her rings.

“He says that because I’m a woman, I need to wear one, but he doesn’t have to because he’s a man,” she revealed.

Her husband also gets weird whenever men approach her– claiming that she gives them “signals” that she’s interested. So, he always becomes seriously jealous whenever men show her any attention.

But again, her husband seems to operate by a double standard. Just recently, for instance, another salesperson began flirting with her husband when he went shopping with his mom.

halcon1 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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