Her Husband Often Forgets About Family Events And Then Blames Her For Not Reminding Him, So She Finally Told Him To Just Look At The Calendar

Photo 170296742 © Poike2017 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 42-year-old woman is married to her husband, who is also 42, and together, they have two great kids. But their schedules as parents are also insanely busy.

Now, when it comes to managing all of their family-related events, she is the main organizer.

“Sports, doctor appointments, birthday parties, and school projects have all somehow landed on my shoulders,” she said.

“And anything that’s coming up, I keep track of on the family calendar, which is hanging in our kitchen.”

Since there is so much on her plate, there have also been instances when she’s forgotten to verbally remind her husband about an upcoming event– like a sports tournament, for instance. On other occasions, she has told her husband about some things, but he still forgot anyway.

Yet, whenever either case happens, her husband always gets frustrated and makes a “flippant” remark, claiming that no one “keeps him in the loop.” And obviously, that comment is always directed toward her.

Still, in the past, she would let that go. But, after her husband did it again just last week, she finally stood up for herself.

It all began when one of her kids had a competition, and she swore that she told her husband about it. Regardless, he was adamant that she never mentioned it.

“Usually, I just drop it, but I was annoyed at being accused of not communicating with him when I know I did,” she explained.

Photo 170296742 © Poike2017 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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