Her Husband Stole $900 From Her Savings To Pay His Ex For His Kids’ Medical Expenses, And She Wants To Break Up Over It Because She Feels Like He Keeps Choosing His Ex Over Her

Her boyfriend’s ex has billed him for two sets of orthodontics for both of their children, as well as for appointments with chiropractors, tutors, and private coaches.

Despite most of this behavior being against the custody order stipulations, her boyfriend chooses not to take any action against his ex because he wants to keep the peace as much as possible.

Due to all of this chaos, they are unable to organize trips as a family, so she is only able to organize outings with her two children.

“He also lies to me consistently about things he has agreed to for her. We have been to therapy. He has claimed he is working on it every time that I try to explain how this affects me and my two children, who live with us full-time. Or he just goes completely silent and refuses to speak (he claims he is unable and that he just shuts down),” she explained.

His ex-wife is now remarried and is a stay-at-home mother and housewife.

It’s clear that his ex and her new husband aren’t financially struggling because they recently built their third home.

In 2020, her boyfriend lost his job, and since then, he hasn’t been able to find another stable job.

While he did earn a degree at that time and worked for a little bit, he ended up resigning from the position he found because his work hours conflicted with his custody. During the summer, his children were involved in a lot of activities, so he needed to drive them back and forth.

In addition, her boyfriend brings their child to school, and he does most of the housework throughout the week while she works.

She told him that she could employ him for the full-time business that she both owns and operates so that he would be able to earn an income but still spend time at home when needed, but he rejected her offer and has continued job hunting on his own.

Her business has been successful, and she makes a decent amount of money, but they still have a tight budget, and she works more hours than she would prefer.

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