Her Mom Absolutely Ruined The Surprise Party That She Planned For Her And Humiliated Her In Front Of All The Guests

Olga Pulchina - - illustrative purposes only

There are some things we need to keep to ourselves, especially if they’re words that can unnecessarily hurt other people’s feelings.

Unfortunately, one mom did not get the hint after she ruined an elaborate surprise anniversary party her kids threw for her.

A woman on TikTok who goes by the handle @nagemlynn, shared the story of how her mom squashed her party-planning efforts and humiliated her in front of all the guests during what should’ve been a fun and joyous occasion.

Her parents’ 30th wedding anniversary was coming up, so the TikTok creator, along with her sister, decided to plan something special to celebrate all their years together.

The sisters truly went all out putting this celebration together and even discreetly invited plenty of family members to join in on the festivities.

“So we had spent weeks gathering all these old photos, getting them digitally remastered and reprinted and planning food, and we made cake balls we’ve never done before. We got this really cool edible glitter and turned them silver,” she said.

They made sure to make the event extra special because their mother was only 16-years-old when she got married, so she didn’t get to have much of a wedding.

But it was also because of something their mother said years ago to @nagemlynn that really motivated her to plan the best party ever.

At one point, she had noticed that her mother had received a fancy-looking invitation for a wedding anniversary, so she commented on how nice it looked.

Olga Pulchina – – illustrative purposes only

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