Her Mother-In-Law Keeps Waltzing Into Her House Unannounced And Taking Advantage Of Having A Spare Key, But Her Husband Doesn’t See Any Issue With It And Thinks She’s The Problem

In fact, her mother-in-law just walked in again the other day without even telling them that she was heading over.

So, she is really annoyed, and it’s causing tension between her and her husband– who believes that she just needs to let the issue go.

“He says that my mother-in-law is family and that she should be able to just walk in anytime,” she vented.

“He says that it is my issue and that I am the one who is the problem, not my mother-in-law.”

And now, with her husband actually upset with her, she’s been left wondering if not wanting his mom to keep barging into their home unannounced is really so unreasonable or not.

Would you feel comfortable with your in-laws always walking in without any notice? Does it seem like her mother-in-law is abusing the use of the spare key? How can she handle this situation without making the tension worse in her marriage?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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