Her Mother-In-Law Made One Of Her Twin Girls Feel Bad About Her SAT Score, So She Kicked Her Out Of Her House

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This woman is a mom to two twin girls who are 18-years-old, and both of her girls took the SAT last month.

Yesterday, the results came in, and her daughter Laura did great, but her daughter Emily didn’t do that well at all.

Emily worked very hard on her SAT prep, so she was super disappointed in the score she received.

Emily has always had a tougher time than Laura when it comes to schoolwork, and Laura doesn’t have to try nearly as hard to excel.

“My MIL has always favored Laura, mostly because she does better in school,” she explained. “She won’t show it very obviously, but in little ways.”

“For example, she makes them a birthday cake most years and always writes Laura’s name bigger and first.”

“Emily resents this a bit but doesn’t mind too much, as they rarely see their grandma. Only Laura regularly video calls her, with my husband.”

Her mother-in-law called them yesterday to check in on how the girls did on their SATs, so she handed the phone to Laura to speak to her mother-in-law.

Before she did pass the phone, Emily informed her that she did not want to speak to her at all.

pressmaster – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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